CTM Pedro

Written by CTM Volunteer, Nathan Witkin, age 9

When Miss Suzy picked me up from the breeder I was overjoyed. I’ve been crowded with my littermate my whole life (all seven weeks). I’m glad she chose me so I could help a Veteran. I’ve always wanted to help out. She took me to her house with many dogs to play and there were lots of new scents. How can I forget the HUMONGOUS backyard? When she took me into the yard with three other dogs (one¬†was my sister) and let us play freely together I was so excited.

Some days she would let us play in kiddie pools of tennis balls so we could get used to walking on odd surfaces. At last a family came to choose a dog to name and sponsor. They chose me and named me Pedro! I got my name from a medical helicopter, Pedro 66, that had been shot down in a war. This place is a doggy wonderland!

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